31 May 2008

Malaysian banknote facts that many do not know

There are a few things that people today do not realize about the things which they hold and use most of the.Do you know what item is that?.If you guess the thing is your girlfriend then you are wrong ,the item is money.
Money or also most commonly known as paper money or banknote. Ok I think we can agree that one of the things that is with us most or you could also say 90% percent of the time with us is paper money,But many of us don’t know much about it and just use it,spend it,steal it,donate it,steal it.haha. Lets face it this is true,not many or almost all don’t even take a good look at it.

Ok here are two things that people don’t realize,first paper money isn’t made out of paper and malaysian money isnt Buatan Malaysia or made in Malaysia,you could say that it was imported.
Paper money is definitely not made of paper because if it is it would easily tear and wet would break but none of this will happen because paper money is really made out of high grade cotton.Try holding the note with your hand,one hand on each side and pull it ,one side pull to the left and the other to the right,it wont break unless you are very stong,Use paper and do the same thing,the paper would just tear.So now you know paper money is not made of paper but cotton.
And next Malaysian money is not made in Malaysia but imagine if it did,would it look like this?haha
Back to where our money is made,basically our money is printed by foreign printing companies who are in the business of producing items such as stamps,banknotes and others which need security features.
If you look above the names of the printers are at the back of the old Malaysian banknotes located below. People might not notice since it tend to be quite small and people don’t look at their money.The printers are as follow.

1.Thomas De La Rue-British
2.Canadian Banknote- Canadian
3.Francois Charles Oberthur-French
4.Giesecke and Devrient-German
5.British American Banknote-Canadian
6.Bradbury Wilkinson-British
7.Harrison and Sons-British
8.Note Printing Australia-Australia

These notes are the old banknotes which show the printers names at the back,except number 8 which do not print the old currency,the new banknote design as we see today does not show the printers name.Various denominations have different printers but to many to tell which one is printed by who.But I shall tell you who printed the current ones which we all hold in our hands
100 Ringgit note- Giesecke & Devrient
50 Ringgit note- Giesecke & Devrient
10 Ringgit note- Thomas De La Rue
5 Ringgit note- Canadian Banknote
5 Ringgit polymer note- Note Printing Australia
New 50 Ringgit note-German company(I suspect it is Giesecke & Devrient but not sure)
I am not sure who printed our 1 and 2 Ringgit note(you know??).Now you know two things about our money.At least our coins are Buatan Malaysia by Royal Mint of Malaysia.However the old coins with the Parliament building(The place where mps fight to let us see on TV what they are like) are made by the Royal Mint UK.