24 June 2008

Antartican dollar

Gentoo penguin
Banknotes from Antartica??Yes i was asking the same question too when i first heard about them.Strange but true and many if not most do not even know that there are Antartican banknotes and worst of all some dont even know where Antartica is.Ok back to the notes,the currency is called the Antartican Dollar and surprisingly a place with hardly a working economy nor with a GDP growth its worth 1USD for every Antartican Dollar.

The dollar was proposed by a company from the United States,the Antarctica Overseas Exchange Office and is worth 1 USD,it is not legal tender and can only be used if both sides agree.Although not legal the Antarctica Overseas Exchange Office will honour its face value in a period of time and after that it will not redeem the notes.

What are they use for??,since they are not legal tender but worth 1 USD for every Antartican Dollar.Well these notes are collectors items created by the Antarctica Overseas Exchange Office and these notes are sold to anyone interested in them.These notes have been shippied to many countries where people have ordered them. Through the sale of these notes a huge portion the revenue was awarded to groups seeking funding for projects in Antarctica.Money have been donated to the Students on Ice Program to send high school students to Antarctica via Argentina and they will probably continue to make grants to this program and fund fund organizations seeking to undertake research and humanitarian projects in the Antarctic region.Get your notes today.Please visit this site http://www.bankofantarctica.com/. Donate to a good cause and buy some of these notes.This is a noble cause and should be supported by anyone who has the means and the money to do so.
Emperor Penguin
I shall show you the notes and perhaps its beauty can interest you,these notes in my opinion are one of the most beautiful banknotes existing in the world especially the 1 and 2 dollar note .Printed by the British American Banknote Company there are banknotes, polymer notes and their specimens printed by the Company.
A little about these amazing,beautiful,extraordinary,breathtaking notes.
There were three series the 1996,1999/2001 and 2007 series..The 2 dollars here is a 1999/2001 series.The 2007 series consists of polymer notes.The 50 and 100 of 1999/2001 series design is same as 1996 series.All the note measure 8cm x 16cm.So what are you waiting for go get yours now,limited numbers printed only. http://www.bankofantarctica.com/order.php
1996 series
Penguins on Peterman Island, Antartica
Adelie Penguins jumping into icy ocean

Penguins on rocks

Anniversary of tragic Air New Zealand crash with no survivors, flag of Antarctica as adopted by A.O.E.O. Ltd
Crabeater seal on floe
Albatross with killer whales
Captain Robert F. Scott
Map of Antarctica
Roald E. Amundsen, first man to reach the South Pole and flag of Norway
Amundsen reached south pole,14-Dec-1911

McMurdo Station Antartic Treaty System
Ozone hole detection
weather satellite

1999/2001 series
Great Auk

2001 series
Penguin March, Flag

Emperor Penguins(Can you see Happy Feet??) James Clark Ross profile, Antarctic map of Ross DependencyNew Zealand Flag, with New Zealand and territories of New Zealand Dronning Maud Land Norwegian Antarctic Exploration

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