19 September 2008

South African banknotes

Flag of South Africa

We have seen faces of famous figures on banknotes such as politicains,musicians and scientists but i ma sure most if not all of us have not seen banknotes with animals on it especially ones that are endangered and one that is totally with aimals and not a single human figure in sight.Even if there are humans on these banknotes,there would be dead ones since some of these notes portray wildlife in South Africa nad some are wild and fierce animals.Well here is the South African Rand.

(Location of South Africa )

All 5 denominations contain animals from Africa which are endangered and also one of South Africa's tourist attraction,many tourists from their own country have to go thousands of miles just to see these animals so banknotes are like a advertising tool to introduce your country.Previous issues did have a face of a man by the name of Jan van Riebeeck, the Dutch explorer who founded Cape Town in 1652.But has been changed to these notes

(Some of Africa's wildlife.Do you know all these animals?)

South Africa's new, post-apartheid notes represent the "Big 5" tourist attractions in South Africa - rhinoceros, elephant, lion, buffalo and leopard. The reverse side of the notes feature images which reflect South Africa's major industries - primary industry, mining, chemical industry, tourism and manufacturing.

Currently i am trying to obtain these notes but due to its scarcity, i am not able to get all the banknotes.
10 Rand(Rhinoceros)
20 Rand(Elephant)
50 Rand(Lion)
100 Rand(Buffalo)
200 Rand(Leopard)

"I wonder who is visiting South Africa this coming December?"
"Come visit South Africa,ban killing on endangered animals"

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